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The Manasclerk Company is a consortium of experts who provide business leaders dispassionate & comprehensive analysis of their situations to find workable solutions, even in what look like no-win situations. We work with you and your team to help you discover what can work in your particular culture, market and constraints. Our strategic practices provides strategic thinking that is natural and unbiased, taking in all viewpoints.

We customize our Manasclerk Inquiry Process to your situation. Our impartial assessments help you see the hidden assumptions, arguments and actions that underpin your current situation. We combine our diagnostic results with detailed systematic analyses to make sure our recommendations are practical and workable for you.

We understand that reality is messy. No single viewpoint or approach is sufficient when the problems are truly “wicked”. So we bring a wide range of expertise and experiences to bear, carefully choosing those that work for you.

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  1. Mark Goodall here. I have been studying RO and Jaques and have interfaced with a number of long time Jaques disciples. Personally, I am interested in Jaques beyond RO, but I am also noting a failure of Jaques disciples in that Human Capability seems to be captured within RO instead of moving to humanities studies as Jaques (in my view) intended. I have also noted fragmentation within RO and a lack of coordination between the various RO camps. Whatever, but, here is the question I have: Who are the Elliott Jaques biggest thinkers of today? Would that be you, Forrest Christian? I would enjoy sharing some heady Jaques correspondence.

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