Top Reasons Why Your Resume Says “Career stalled”

New York-to-Paris automobile race: [Automobile stuck in snow]

Have you ever considered that your career path is a lot like a movie? Film scholar Chris Simmons, a colleague of mine, lectured once on the massive blockbuster, Titanic. He showed how everything in its visual language spoonfed what the director wanted you to see, know and feel. The director made deliberate choices to make it easy for us as the audience to come along with his storytelling.

Luck Does Not Determine Your Essential Character

I like to point out idiocy by “experts” when I see it. And management writing in Harvard Business Review is usually such a fertile field! Today, let’s look at idiocy about luck and being a great strategist from Hans H. Hinterhuber and Wolfgang Popp (“Are You a Strategist or Just a Manager?”, Jan-Feb 1992).

As Moltke observed, the good strategist also needs good luck….

So, if we assum…

Putting Flattery to Work by IT Staffers: Flatter 4 Success, Part 4

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Flattery really does work and it works in real life and not just for politically savvy types. We’ve seen that flattery works, that flattery has no upper limit and works even when they know you have an ulterior motive, and that the people who poo-poo flattery as only useful for the politically savvy are full of it.

I told you that was last part was bull pucky and here’s why.

Let’s look at IT…

Flattery Only Works For the Politically Savvy, Which Is All of Us: Flatter 4 Success, Part 3

Padlock on chain locking a gate

I’ve been telling you this week that flattery works, and that it’s not just researchers who believe that flattery apparently has no real upper limit. Most of you haven’t really believed this and you’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

So here’s those caveats I’ve been talking…

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere: Flatter 4 Success, Part 2

Smiling crowd— Bild Publikum. Photograph by Roger & Renate Rössing , 1954 (CC BY-SA 3.0 DE). Deutsche Fotothek?. Via Wikimedia Commons.

I know that flattery doesn’t work on you, as you some of the world’s more intelligent people who see right through such things. But the rest of the world isn’t as savvy as you. You can get much more and be seen as much more effective at work by simply flattering your boss.

Yesterday we saw how Prof Chatman’s unpublished research showed the massive effectiveness of flattery, and, most…

Be a Suck-Up at Work and Get Ahead: It’s Flattery Science!

Suck My Kiss by Jan Tik. CC BY 2.0

You’re a smart person with great ideas. Other people may not see this but I do. It’s because of this that I want to tell you about a key way to get your boss to like you. Because a boss who likes you will give you better assignments, more time off, and better pay. Even for the same performance.

It turns out that flattering the boss is one of the best things you can do. And there’s no upper…

How Simply Being BIgger (like a Hidden High Potential) Gets You Arrested

Volunteer Jennifer Van Vleet experiences what it would be like to be arrested after failing a field sobriety test. (2009) Orgeon Dept. of Transportation. (CC BY 2.0)

When you are bigger than everyone else, you are much more likely to get hammered for irritating people. It doesn’t matter if that’s physical size or “work” size, where you have the capability to do a larger job than the people around you.

This is one of the key problems of Hidden High Potentials (HHPs). Work comes in different sizes, and people’s capability comes in different sizes to matc…

Forget, Then Forgive to Move Forward (and not the other way around)

Lighthouse at night, (c) 2009 Martin Belam. Via flickr. (CC BY SA 2.0)

In my lessons on the Tao of Joe: Redeeming Our Stories, I’ve pointed out that the patriarch’s model was to forget well before he ever forgave. Forgetting not only the wrongs, he forgot those who had wronged him (in his case, his brothers).

Joseph named the firstborn Manasseh (Forget), saying, “God made me forget all my hardships and my parental home.” [Genesis 40, The Message]


Why GenerationX Didn’t Get Mentors

Man sits apart. By Mead Schaeffer, c. 1933. Good Housekeeping magazine?

Last time we looked at why you don’t have a mentor, and focused on the Hidden High Potentials. Today, let’s look at the generational parts of Why You Didn’t Get a Mentor. This is specific to the United States, but you may find it applicable (or not) if you live elsewhere.

It turns out that those born from around 1961 to 1982 (there is a little bit of fuzz around these dates, but not much) wer…

Why GenX Won’t Be Invited: Generational Politics and Keeping You Down

Mountains near Château-d'Oex. (c) E. Forrest Christian

You’re a GenX-er who has, since the 1980s, done your time waiting for the Baby Boomers to die off so that you can be invited into the corporate office. You’ve worked hard, done the things you were told and waited on that rung of the corporate ladder, stuck while the Baby Boomers ahead of you sat, Peter Principled, fat and happy.

I’ve got bad news for you, Leroy: you’re not going to get that…

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