Finding your purpose

In Memory of George Reilly — colleague, therapist, management consultant, author and dearly esteemed colleague

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It was with great sadness that I learned that a dear colleague, George Reilly, had died at the beginning of November in his 75th year. He will be greatly missed: even though he received his biblical three score and ten, he leaves a hole. I wanted to take a moment to talk about his legacy in the management consulting, leadership development and psychotherapeutic counseling fields.

He also…

Callings and Purpose

Genevieve Clark on telephone, circa 1910.

Callings drive your sense of purpose. It doesn’t have to be religious but it is usually “spiritual”. Your sense of purpose in vocation at work is important.


We operate in our own separate worlds, and pay no attention to others in our midst who are also talking on a cellphone. By Ed Yourdon, CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

We religious types talk about callings a lot. Christians of the Calvinist mindset even call all work, “your calling”. Other Americans have caught on, and many spiritual people of various types talk about callings. It’s not a term restricted to people of a particular faith, or even of any faith. Saying that you have a calling seems to encapsulate something important, something big.

I think that Calling is an important topic for most hidden high potentials. We use the term when we talk, seeing many of your frustrations through of the lens of frustrated calling. It’s an important topic, one that I’m now convinced I have to deal with openly. There’s just one small problem.

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