Discrimination Deters the Realization of Current Potential Capability

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Central to the objectives of stratified systems theory and requisite managerial practices is the notion that the organization will reach its full potential capability by facilitating the opportunities for the individuals employed by the organization in meeting their full potential. The objective of providing each individual the opportunity to realize his or her full potential capability is a remarkable and …

Demystifying Management

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Al Gorman What exactly is management and how do we provide for its effectiveness? The thought of navigating through the labyrinth of attributes, formulae and competencies being offered today is both a challenge and confusing. The evolution of modern management appears to be a myriad of trial and error and the very notion of what contributes to, or detracts from, …

“Average CEO now makes $10.7 million” [Reuters]

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Reuters reports today that CEO compensation has changed to more long-term options tied to stock performance. MSN ran it as “Average CEO now makes $10.7 million: Pay packages 5% fatter in 2004, but corporate leaders are working harder for their stock incentives, survey finds“. For this to be Requisite, read it in light of Mark Van Clieaf’s work on CEO …

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Mark Van Clieaf asks, “What work are we paying CEOs to do?”

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Mark Van Clieaf is all for paying someone for what they are doing but he believes that CEOs are delivering only short-term value, at the expense of the company’s long term viability. And, if his numbers are correct, most US CEOs aren’t even delivering short term value: their companies are not making more than they are spending.

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Executive Compensation May Be Out of Whack Entirely For What We Get

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Mark Van Clieaf recently sent me an article he’s written (“Executive Accountability and Excessive Compensation: A New Test For Director Liability”). He and his colleagues have done a study of 700 Fortune 500 companies — representing 80% of the US stock market — and found some troubling things about CEO compensation and even the entire executive team and Board. It …

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Organizations are the ultimate cross-functional team

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From Brown and Duguid’s The Social Life of Information Well, duh. Wish I had thought of that. The current cry for “cross-functional teams” results from the inability of the organization to manage its divisions. The local divisions will occur in any group that gets larger than about 12. Put fifty people in a church even and you will get a …