Warren Kinston on Movements and Their Leadership

Some thoughts on Movements as described by Warren Kinston. I can’t imagine that they are interesting to anyone else, just here as notes for the future.

Kinston, Warren. Working with Values: Software for the Mind. SIGMA Centre: London. From Chapter 10 : “G-35 Ideals” : “Social Processes”.

Ideals have the power to awaken people permanently to possibilities of social life at its best. So…

Sometimes, You Have To Free Your IP To Succeed

Jack Fallow recently sent me a link to a TED session by Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi, the FLOW social psychologist [psychosociologist?] at the University of Chicago who also did the amazing The Meaning of Things research. (Thanks, Jack!) W

hich of course led me to something else entirely.

Jennifer B. Lee of the New York Times has been chasing down the origin of American Chinese food. It’s not…

Networking for Jobs

Medicen Speed Networking in 2011 at Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris. (c) 2011 Daniel Rodet (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The New York Times has a business article on networking in your job hunt. It’s a pretty decent article. I’m no networking maven but I regularly get things from folks in my network. There’s nothing stunning in the article’s advice, but it is worth looking at because you can forget this in your discouragement.

Some of it’s best advice is “do not set yourself up to fail.” I’ll come back to that…

Redux: Making Your Workplace Like the Village

Manhattan Bridge under construction-1909

Let’s take a look at something I wrote awhile back while we wait for Al to come back on! A recent post by Michael Bates, the Tulsa-based urban planning, on the work of Jane Jacobs had me searching for an old post of my own Malcolm Gladwell’s article discussing how companies are trying to look like Jacobs’s description of Greenwich Village. The discussion was interesting, and it’s worth looking at…

Using Technology To Network Is Not New

ADLER typewriter Model n°7 (Frankfurt / Germany). Unknown model date (probably ~1930/40). By Dake

UPDATE 2015: Originally a quick note in September 2004, this was just a quick thought about social networks at the time. I think I was shortsighted: obviously social networking systems can be used to build social capital, too.

In “INTERNETWORKING (MIT Technology Review, April 2004, pp. 44-49), Michael Fitzgerald quotes Visible Path’s Antony Brydon as saying, “Eighty to ninety percent of…

Make Your Workplace the Village!

Looking down at Château-d'Oex from our chateau on after a snowfall. © E. Forrest Christian.

In my quest for more data about Karen Stephenson’s work, I came across an old New Yorker article by Malcolm Gladwell, the happy camper behind The Tipping Point. The article, “Designs for Working: Why your bosses want to turn your new office into Greenwich Village”, originally appeared 2000 Dec 11. He starts off with a scene from the great Jane Jacobs book, The Death and Life of Great American…

Does Social Network Analysis Simply Show You Work Levels at Work?

Medicen Speed Networking in 2011 at Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris. (c) 2011 Daniel Rodet (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Art Kleiner has an interesting piece about Professor Karen Stephenson, the guru of social network analysis, entitled “The Quantum Theory of Trust”. It’s part of the same strategy+business series where he profiled Elliott Jaques’s requisite organization and felt fair pay work, which I’ve mentioned before. His work is always interesting and you may want to check out the rest of Kleiner’s writings…

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