Church near Junction City, Kansas. ca. 1942. John Vachon, photographer. US Library of Congress collection.

There Is No Single Best Model for Church Organization

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As I continue my exploration of Christian church organization, specifically focusing on U.S. evangelicals, I need to make something clear from the outset: There is no single, perfect organizational model for all churches. You would think that this is obvious but it’s not. It’s not even obvious in business management. Elliott Jaques’s ideas of Real Boss and work levels is …

Manhattan Bridge under construction-1909

Megachurches are Liturgical

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This starts my new thing on Evangelical church organization. If you’re not interested in American Evangelicals, you may be lost. Megachurches are most highly liturgical of any church. Those with televised satellite churches are even more so. Confused? Thought that megachurches eschewed liturgy for free and loose? Here’s why I say this. Liturgy is the branding of the church of …

Why You Need Native Writers: ICBC China’s Embarrassing Recruitment Page

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Here’s a good lesson demonstrating why you need native speakers to help you write your materials when working abroad, especially in non-Western languages. The illustration comes from the other way around, the world’s largest bank. This is ICBC China’s attempt at English in an official recruiting site: Our leading enterprise needs excellent talent, and excellent talent also looks forward to …

Them that’s got and them that’s not: Today’s employment

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Them that’s got shall get Them that’s not shall lose So the Bible said and it still is news “Broader Measure of U.S. Unemployment Stands at 17.5%” The New York Times reports today on the situation of unemployment in the United States. The numbers, which I have been mentioning, differ from the standard ones issued by the government because they …

Strong Pastor vs. Democracy in Christian Church Groups

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The church growth industry has led to the highly effective Mega-church model in the United States but has embraced the (actually) new model of Strong Pastor which has led to absolutist authoritarian leadership within the evangelical church growth movement. An examination by focusing on the Christian Base Communities in the Roman Catholic Church in Latin America. Part of a series on Church Organizational Structure and Democracy.