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Purple Shark interview with Art Kleiner, who is always interesting

Mary E. Rundlett, new Secretary for Coach Dutch Bergman. October 31, 1935. Via Library of Congress. Public Domain

Art Kleiner did an interview with Purple Shark Transcriptions. It’s fascinating to read. In this part he discusses his career path.

If you’re a hidden high potential (2HiPo), his career path is fascinating. Of course, as someone who has been contracted to ghostwrite The Book for various older consultants, I find his comments on those jobs particularly interesting:

And when you’r…

Internal Hires: Lower Turnover, Better Performance & Lower Pay?!

Great tubular bridge, etching. Via Library of Congress. PD.

Do internal hires or external hires make better employees? Who gets paid more?

Make Money with Executives by Preying on Ideologies, Not Profit Motive

Stack of golden George Washington dollar coins,. (c) 2007 Bill Koslosky, MD (CC BY 2.5)


“This Older Generation” by Randolph S. Bourne

ADLER typewriter Model n°7 (Frankfurt / Germany). Unknown model date (probably ~1930/40). By Dake

Here is a response to the snarky “Letter to a Rising Generation” by the old-fogey C.A. Comer. Bourne was a university student when he wrote this. His style is a bit flowery but it was done for effect. My comments following.

This Older Generation

by Randolph S. Bourne

I read with ever-increasing wonder the guarded defenses and discreet apologies for the older generation which k…

Effective U.S. Tax Rates Across Time

From the Bimbo cartoon “The Bum Bandit” (1931), Fleischer studio- not mickey mouse!

Jim has run the numbers to show effective tax rates (including Social Security and Medicare taxes) over the past 60 years or so. It’s a fascinating look at how taxes have changed over time.

Interesting to look at.

It seems weird that the total effective tax rate on Jim’s median family was lowered during the Carter administration to only rise even higher during the Reagan administration…

That Boring Job Really Could Be the Death of You

Bored souvenir seller in Moscow. Photo by Adam Jones

Research published last month in the International Journal of Epidemiology shows a link between being bored at work and dying early. Back in the late 1980s, 7,500 civil servants in London — aged 35 to 55 — were polled about their jobs. Thirty years later, Annie Britton and Martin Shipley of University College London went looking to see what happened to these people. The results ar…

Recent Reading

List of what I have been reading so I can keep track. Possibly less than interesting.

Note: Basic Assumption MeNess (ba M)

Men of Fort Story operate an azimuth instrument, to measure the angle of splash in sea-target practice. 1942. (reversed)

Brief quotation from an 1996 article by by Lawrence, Bain, and Gould (“The Fifth Basic Assumption”,Free Associations Volume 6, Part 1 [No. 37]: 2855)

Elliott Jaques’s “Intellectual Odyssey”

Douglas Kirsner of Deakin University spoke with Elliott Jaques before he died, and wrote up the results from the perspective of another psychoanalyst. Jaques abandoned psychoanalysis but would later refer to that as perhaps going overboard. It’s an interesting read for those of you who are interested in what he thought of things at the end of his life.

This copy seems to be a poor conversion, so…

The Powerful Are Lousy Planners

1958 Ford Edsel advertisement. You Know You've Arrived....

The University of Kent is reporting a forthcoming research article by social psychologists Mario Weick and Ana Guinote of University College London on how feeling powerful affects one’s estimates. The more people felt powerful, the more optimistic their completion dates were. And it’s not just a small effect: “power drastically reduced the accuracy of forecasts with error rates soaring up to…

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