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Being Erica: Interesting take on a hidden high potential

Digital television camera, (c) 2012 Arild Vågen (CC BY-SA 3)

One of my friends suggested that I check out the pilot for the 2009 TV series called Being Erica from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). She thought that it had a lot of ties to things that I had discussed.

Mine Your Ranks to Find Gold: Finding Untapped Potential in Your Company with SST

Judy Hobrough, BIOSS, on how Stratified Systems Theory helps CEOs

Judy Hobrough of BIOSS went into an organization and mapped the current capability of people with what their current roles were. She found something that surprised the CEO: there was a gold mine in their ranks!

“I had to screw up those jobs. They were vital…”

Adam Savage, special effects artist from “Mythbusters”, describes why Failure is vital, and why if he hadn’t done disastrous failures he wouldn’t be who he is today.

Culture of Trust Is Necessary for Economic Growth

Attendees at the 1952 Republican National Convention, Chicago, Illinois. 1952 by Thomas J. O'Halloran, U.S. News & World Report Magazine. Donated into the public domain. Via Library of Congress.

Prabhu Guptara points today to a series of video speeches from Vishal Mangalwadi. He says that although

I disagree with a lot of what Dr Mangalwadi says. But what matters is neither my agreements, nor my disagreements. What matters is that, in his very winsome way, he makes you think!

The most useful thing he provides in these videos is easily-understood and very valuable correctives to…

Using Requisite Organization to Manage Staff in an Evangelical Megachurch

Winter at Lofoten (2008). By Tackbert. Public Domain.

The Rev. Dr. John Morgan is the head pastor of a growing independent Evangelical church in New Mexico that uses the mega-church model. Morgan wrote a chapter in the GO Society book (disclosure: I edited that piece) that does a good job describing his efforts and how Work Levels play out in independent churches.

In these churches, the local congregation is the only authority over the pastor.

Lord Wilfred Brown’s Training Films Now Available Online

The GO Society has quietly put up the Exploration in Management training films. These films, produced for the Glacier Institute of Management and narrated by Lord Wilfred Brown, the retired Managing Director of Glacier Metal Company and Prochancellor of Brunel University, show how the radical ideas Brown developed with Dr. Jaques work from a manager’s point of view.

I’m glad that these ar…

Sometimes, You Have To Free Your IP To Succeed

Jack Fallow recently sent me a link to a TED session by Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi, the FLOW social psychologist [psychosociologist?] at the University of Chicago who also did the amazing The Meaning of Things research. (Thanks, Jack!) W

hich of course led me to something else entirely.

Jennifer B. Lee of the New York Times has been chasing down the origin of American Chinese food. It’s not…

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