Dan Ariely

Why Your Boss Won’t Kill His Pet Project

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People fall in love with what they work on, or so research by Michael Norton, Daniel Mochon and the ubiquitous Dan Ariely reports. They discovered that when people have to work to create something — like an IKEA bookshelf — they see it through rose-colored glasses. It’s not that you do what you love but that labor leads to loving what you do. It becomes part of your self-esteem.

Finding a Dime Can Make Your Last Year Happier

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Remember things as being happier by contemplating something positive before you write your resume / CV. You can use this to help you feel happier at interviews and other situations.

How Do You Know What You Can Do If There’s No One Modeling It?

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Dan Ariely, in Predictably Irrational, says “We don’t even know what we want to do with our lives — until we find a relative or a friend who is doing just what we think we should be doing.” Hidden high potentials often never get a model like this. What should they then do?

Bonuses Backfire by Reducing Long-term Employee Performance

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New research shows that bonuses backfire on companies, even blocking common sense. A summary.

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