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Higher Education Bubble (video and infographics)

Education News has put together an video and accompanying infographics about the Education Bubble Crisis. They don’t separate out undergraduate from graduate education, but the basic principle the cite still applies: you need to do some real research into what your potential field actually pays. 25 years ago when I went to university these numbers were a bit harder to find, since you had to know…

Today’s Job Market: The Unemployed Stay Unemployed

Run on East Side Bank, N.Y. 1912 February 16. Bain News Service via Library of Congress.

People make the mistake of assuming that the job market for them is the same as it is for everyone else. In today’s financial crisis influenced hiring, that’s simply not true. Steve Eddington has some interesting comments on today’s job market (“The Hiring Decision – In the Current Job Market, Who’s on First?”):

As the headhunter, we have the distinct pleasure of being the guys in the middle.

XLF Almost Hit 20% of Peak

I’ve mentioned the idea that XLF must lose at least 80% of its value from peak for the US economy to have bottomed out. Yesterday, perhaps as a house-warming gift to Pres. Obama or a moving present to Pres. Bush, the markets tanked and XLF fell to its all-time low of essentially 8. Since it peaked at almost 32, that’s close to 20% of its value.

Two ways to look at this:

XLF has hit 20% and…

Saxo Bank: In 2009 Things Get A Lot Worse

For everyone who thinks that my economic outlook has been bleak, I offer you Saxo Bank’s (Switzerland) predictions that 2009 is when we will see the worst. Their 10 Outrageous Predictions are unfortunately within the realm of reasonable speculation at this point.

No one can predict the future. However, we can say that the level of uncertainty has increased to a point where outlier arguments hav…

ASSOCHAM: Indian Firms May Fire 25%

ASSOCHAM threatens that Indian firms may lay off 25% of their workers in the next 10 days, according to Expressindia. This seems a bit excessive even by my apparently ghoulish attitude to the current recession/collapse. I’m not sure what this means or if it is simply posturing by Industry. A quarter of your workforce is a large number, especially if it is done across all industries.

Anyone hav…

Depression History Part 2: Wars and Despots Rising

We’ve already looked at the American stock market activity from 1928-1942, bookending the collapse and America’s entry into the war at Pearl Harbor in Dec. 1941. Today I’ll look at Europe and the rise of despots, which is currently happening again.

I am speculating on what is likely to happen. That means that I am doing no more than making a guess. These guesses will focus on what you might…

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