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Wilfred Brown: Most Important CEO You’ve Never Heard Of

I recently wrote an appreciation of Wilfred Brown, the Managing Director of Glacier Metal Company, accomplished management author, and government servant. I wrote this for the recent GO Society summit in Toronto, as a part of their new CEO Honor Roll. I had written the Wikipedia article on Lord Brown ages ago and have intended to do more but haven’t.

Well, I did a YouTube video on my currently…

Mine Your Ranks to Find Gold: Finding Untapped Potential in Your Company with SST

Judy Hobrough, BIOSS, on how Stratified Systems Theory helps CEOs

Judy Hobrough of BIOSS went into an organization and mapped the current capability of people with what their current roles were. She found something that surprised the CEO: there was a gold mine in their ranks!

Ian Macdonald on Values and the Shadow-side of Requisite Organization (Conference Report)

Lighthouse at night, (c) 2009 Martin Belam. Via flickr. (CC BY SA 2.0)

Ian Macdonald, of Macdonald Associates Consultancy, opens the day with a short plenary on “Positive Oranizations: Discipline not Dogma”. Reflecting on the practitioner and the practice. Why he does it.

What drew him to Elliott Jaques’s work was the underlying values, like Felt-Fairness, what’s social justice, non-paranoiagenic organizations. It was about building socia…

More On The GO Society Conference on Requisite Organization

Looking down at Château-d'Oex from our chateau on after a snowfall. © E. Forrest Christian.

While I indeed met some people who just quite simply don’t understand high mode issues (do they understand mode at all? Cason apparently does which is a great reason for me to one of these days sit down and talk to her. John Morgan, the pastor using RO in Pinon Hills, met with her this week and raved about her.), I also met some great folks who really understand the real issues: valuing eac…

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