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Mine Your Ranks to Find Gold: Finding Untapped Potential in Your Company with SST

Judy Hobrough, BIOSS, on how Stratified Systems Theory helps CEOs

Judy Hobrough of BIOSS went into an organization and mapped the current capability of people with what their current roles were. She found something that surprised the CEO: there was a gold mine in their ranks!

Judgment of Capability (RO Work Level) Must Be On Work

Typists. By Lewis W. Hine (1874-1940). ca. 1915. George Eastman House Collection.

You could not judge Gov. Sarah Palin’s current capacity based on her interview with CBS’s Katie Couric because it did not get her talking on issues on which she has concentrated before.

Why Requisite Organization Fails: People Don’t Like the Implications

Prom rejection (2009) by Mjt16. Public domain.

Let’s face facts: Requisite Organization (RO) means that a lot of people (1) aren’t as “smart” as they think they are, and (2) the system in which they have succeeded is built on sand. And that’s a big reason why RO doesn’t succeed. When people read about work levels and Requisite Organization — especially Bioss’s Career Path Appreciation (CPA) and MCPA and Elliott Jaques’s & Kathryn…

Growth Trajectories of Underachievers (or “Hidden High Potentials”)

Space Shuttle Atlantis is seen as it launches from pad 39A on Friday, July 8, 2011, at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Hidden High Potentials (2HiPo’s) and other “underachievers” can learn a great deal from work done on extremely high IQ children. Although Elliott Jaques & Katherine Cason describe these things in a more systematical way in Human Capability, these Gifted Children researchers provide a much needed human face. Stephanie S. Tolan, an “advocate for extremely bright children”, talks about the growt…

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