CR on the Duration of Unemployment

Calculated Risk has posted a couple of interesting graphs showing the variance in the lengths of unemployment over the last 40 years (U.S. only). It’s what I’ve been saying: you don’t want to go unemployed these days because those without jobs aren’t going to get new ones. CR’s points are worth noting: … if the level of normal turnover was …

US Jobless Rates Still Increasing

For my American readers, you may be interested in a recent post on CalculatedRisk where CR graphs the recent BLS data on unemployment. The interesting things for you are the positive states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Virginia. And possibly Vermont. Oklahoma looks pretty good to me too, having just talked to my old friends in Michigan. Another interesting …

Fake Smile (My son being funny with his fake smile. He makes the same face when he is showing off his muscles.) © 2007 by Eric Fleming. Via flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Depressed About Work? Positivity May Not Work

Job hunters often get depressed from their hunt, and it’s probably even worse in a stagnant, depressed economy like we’re in today. One of the coping techniques that misguided but well-meaning people teach them is to use Positive Thinking. People regularly use these techniques and believe strongly that they are effective.

Nice, except that it will often backfire. [more]

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Imitate Your Interviewer To Get The Job

Are you going to a job interview sometimes soon? Have a meeting with a prospective client? The other person will like you more and think the meeting went more smoothly if you subtly mimic their body language. This has long been a part of the salesman’s Influence bag, of course, and is even a goodly part of the original neuro-linguistic …