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Project Management Methodologists vs. Theorists

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Project management in software is hard for a variety of reasons. In the December 3, 2003 edition of the Application Developer Management e-newsletter, Scott Withrow tackled “Selecting a Project Manager”. While he is speaking of specifically ones for software development projects, his thoughts could represent the thinking of a range of business functions. Unfortunately, he gets a couple of points …

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Why Information Technology & Software Projects Fail, part 2

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I wanted to make an addendum to Why IT Projects Fail, part 1, which contains the bulk. Here are a few more reasons for further development. Risk management is not part of our vocabulary. We want people who are optimistic, not trying to find reasons why something will fail. IT does not understand that the change that they are introducing …

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Why IT Projects Fail, part 1

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Right person, wrong job We all too often ask people with little talent for managing projects and clients to do just that. We see those who have a great technical vision and expect them to also have the skills that we in management think are so easy. Unfortunately, just because a developer can be an architect defining the technical vision …