Accomplishment Does Not Equal Success

Linda King finds working as a roof bolter's helper at the Bullitt Mine in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, more challenging and better paying than her previous job in a garment factory (NARA)

One of the mistakes I made early on in my career was to believe that if I had some great accomplishments that I would gain success, including things like money and community respect. This is clearly false, and I’ve recently had a series of communications with an organizational thinker that confirms it.

But first let’s look at some of the comments I’ve gotten from a recent Facebook updat…

Hard Work Is A Necessary But Not Sufficient Cause of Success

Black man working large electric phosphate smelting furnace make elemental phosphorus, TVA chemical plant Muscle Shoals, AL). 1942 by Alfred T. Palmer (via LOC)

A friend of mine made up her mind in college that she was going to be a professional singer. She worked hard at it, did the various groups, choirs and solo performances. She even went pro in a little jazz quartet with some others.

After college, she decided to continue her studies and went to a prestigious conservatory in New York City. She worked hard there, too, and was dedicated to t…

Sometimes, You Have To Free Your IP To Succeed

Jack Fallow recently sent me a link to a TED session by Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi, the FLOW social psychologist [psychosociologist?] at the University of Chicago who also did the amazing The Meaning of Things research. (Thanks, Jack!) W

hich of course led me to something else entirely.

Jennifer B. Lee of the New York Times has been chasing down the origin of American Chinese food. It’s not…

Work for a Natural Manager If You Want To Succeed in a Company

Château-d'Oex from my window on a snowy morning. (c) E. Forrest Christian. All rights reserved.

To succeed, you not only need to do what is natural for you, you also must work inside of naturally fitting relationships. The relationships that you have with others have to be natural. Remember: what is natural will flow, feel right.

Maybe You’re Not Successful Because You Don’t Want That

Hippocrates refusing the gifts of Artaxerxes

You probably get told that you could be successful if you want to. I got that a lot, too. One day, my executive coach — a wildly insightful guy named Mark Pletcher — leaned in, looked me straight in the eye, and shot the truth right between my eyes:

“Maybe you’re not getting all that because you don’t want it”

Well that’s a fine how-do-you-do.

“You’re a smart guy,” he said. “If you…

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