Why Hidden High Potentials Aren’t Trusted

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Trust, it seems, is the glue that makes organizations sing. But you don’t necessarily need much of it to succeed. And you can simply eat off the store trust (social capital) built through long years of hard work by those who came before.

Come to think of it, it doesn’t take long to eat through a century’s worth of social capital.

I’ve been thinking about this as a result of reading Francis…

Trust Is Necessary To Society. The Glacier Model Builds Trust

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There’s a fascinating paper at the IMF by social capital guru Francis Fukuyama (Social Capital and Civil Society – Prepared for delivery at the IMF Conference on Second Generation Reforms) that covers his reasoning behind social capital being called “capital” at all. Besides being interested in how to create societies, I’ve always found him a lucid writer who discusses a topic that relates to t…

Culture of Trust Is Necessary for Economic Growth

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Prabhu Guptara points today to a series of video speeches from Vishal Mangalwadi. He says that although

I disagree with a lot of what Dr Mangalwadi says. But what matters is neither my agreements, nor my disagreements. What matters is that, in his very winsome way, he makes you think!

The most useful thing he provides in these videos is easily-understood and very valuable correctives to…

Right Fitting Work Builds Trust, Bad Fitting Work Makes Distrust

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If you underemploy people as a society, you destroy social trust. Social trust increases agility because it reduces transaction costs and increases sharing of knowledge. Proper employmet builds trust. If you want a trust-filled company, then you must ensure that people have roles that fit their size.

UPDATE 2005-March-04

If you have someone in a role that is too small for them, and…

Does Requisite Organization Build the Trust for Social Capital?

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Can Elliott Jaques’s theory of Requisite Organization and trust-building hierarchies mesh with Francis Fukuyama’s social capital arguments regarding trust and trust-building within a culture?

I hypothesize that it all hangs together off some meta-theory that they all touch but don’t quite articulate. I’m not sure what that is yet but I’d like to get to it. Maybe someone else already has and…

Social Capital and Requisite Organization Should Get Married

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There’s something missing in Jaques’s Requisite Organization theory, which is described in the ideas of social networks. There is something missing in social network theory that is described in RO theory. Interestingly, both “solutions to the ills of contemporary Western civilization” are socially based, rather than psychological.

Trusted Advisor and Technical Consulting

The managers from a consulting firm I work with are sold on the “trusted advisor” idea. This comes from The Trusted Advisor by Charles Green, David Maister and Rob Galford (Free Press, 2000). They bantered this around in my friend’s performance review.

I actually believe that trusted advisor ideas and “techniques” are solid, money-making and morally good. Unfortunately, I’m not sure thes…

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