Transitions To Higher Levels Mean Having To Build New Habits, And That’s Hard

Frank Coffyn's auto wrecked in Central Park, March 21,1912. Bain News Service, via Library of Congress.

When you transition from one work level to another, you have to learn new ways of being. These will be enshrined in habit but letting go of old ways hurts.

How Being Stuck in Your Career Leads to Bitterness, Anger and Rage, Which Gets You Stuck Even Farther

Being a Hidden high potentials can lead to bitterness and anger, and left untreated to rage. People don’t recognize what you bring, what you do, who you are. It’s hard, frustrating and spiritually debilitating. But you need to let go of the bitterness and anger you feel about this, even though it just forces you to do more without compensation.

Why Being Right Is Almost Always Wrong

Million dollar bridge over Tenn_River, 1917. From Library of Congress #3c23508u

Hidden high potentials coming to answers before everyone makes enemies, even when it saves the day. At best you see them ignore your warning and get hurt.

What You Might Do vs. What You Can Do

Sand bucket on the beach of Punta del Este, Uruguay. David (CC BY 2.0)

I have been muddying up the difference between what you can now do and what you could do now, say with the right training; between the size of your capability bucket and how much is in it. One is current capability while the latter is your current capacity. Glenn Mehltretter of PeopleFit reminded me in a comment he left on an earlier post, and it’s so clear (you should take one of his courses)…

In which I have dinner with a StrVII 41 year old

Faro Caudill family eating dinner in their dugout, 1942 Pie Town, NM (LOC) Photo by Russell Lee. Public Domain

I recently had the strangest set of conversations. A friend of a friend (yes, really) connected me with a guy whom he thought might be Stratum 7. At 41. He was passing through my neck of the woods (at least while working during the week — I work away from home): would I want to meet up with him closer to the airport? Sure, I said. This could be interesting.

He and I talked beforehand. I ran…

Underachievers, Are You Simply Out of Flow?

Flowing artesian well in the meadow near the *Laghi di Fusine-superiore*, Valromana, Italia. (c) 2009 Michael Gäbler (CC BY 3.0). Via Wikimedia Commons.

Recently, I had the misfortune to have to do some work behind a knee wall in my converted attic. It’s less than three feet (~ 0.9m) tall and not all that wide. I’m about 5’10” (1.8m) so to work in there, I have to spend the entire time crouched down. To get anywhere, you either crawl on your hands and knees or duckwalk. It’s all very claustrophobic and very exhausting.

I didn’t even do…

It’s About Time, Underachievers!

Conductor checks his watch to find out how much time remains at the Bloomington, Illinois, stop on the Turboliner run between St. Louis, Missouri, and Chicago. Photo by Charles O'Rear for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (1970). (NARA record: 3403717)

When last we left them, the three union men Glacier Metal Company managers had burst upon Elliott Jaques with the brilliant solution that had come to them while drinking: the reason why some people got paid more than others had to do with how long it took to get paid. My fictionalization aside, what made this any more brilliant than the last idea I had for solving the company’s problems whilst…

When Being An Underachiever Is Really Just Being Stuck

4x4 vehicle stuck in a mud hole, with a man attaching a winch. (c) Kris Butler. Via

Do you feel like you’re underachieving because you are just stuck where you are and can’t get out?

Byron (not his real name) feels like this. He was doing well for a long time. A graduate of one of the top HR schools in the U.S. He had been the compensation manager for a shoe company with operations in several countries. He hit a series of problems with his boss, getting a string of “be a team…

Are You An Adult Underachiever or Is That Someone Else's Label?

Detour sign, Republic of China in the Taiwan region

We’re taking a detour on our answer to last week’s question on Adult Underachievers to address something that has popped up in emailed responses. It’s a great question because it gets to the real heart of the matter. It may address a problem that was never raised when we talked about Maye Rain’s belief that she was an underachiever, even though I didn’t think it was true.

How do you know if you…

Got Baby Boomer Executives? Here's the Succession Planning Solution

Miner in a mine of the

You’ve got a problem: your executives are all “baby boomers” and about to hit retirement. But so are the ranks just below them. How in the world can you get new executives in the pipeline who have industry experience and know your corporate culture?

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