Today’s Job Market: The Unemployed Stay Unemployed

Run on East Side Bank, N.Y. 1912 February 16. Bain News Service via Library of Congress.

People make the mistake of assuming that the job market for them is the same as it is for everyone else. In today’s financial crisis influenced hiring, that’s simply not true. Steve Eddington has some interesting comments on today’s job market (“The Hiring Decision – In the Current Job Market, Who’s on First?”):

As the headhunter, we have the distinct pleasure of being the guys in the middle.

CR on the Duration of Unemployment

Calculated Risk has posted a couple of interesting graphs showing the variance in the lengths of unemployment over the last 40 years (U.S. only). It’s what I’ve been saying: you don’t want to go unemployed these days because those without jobs aren’t going to get new ones.

CR’s points are worth noting:

… if the level of normal turnover was the same as in the ’80s, the current unemployment…

Them that’s got and them that’s not: Today’s employment

Them that’s got shall get

Them that’s not shall lose

So the Bible said and it still is news

“Broader Measure of U.S. Unemployment Stands at 17.5%”

The New York Times reports today on the situation of unemployment in the United States. The numbers, which I have been mentioning, differ from the standard ones issued by the government because they include those who have stopped looking…

US Jobless Rates Still Increasing

Okies in the Great Depression. From Library of Congress files

For my American readers, you may be interested in a recent post on CalculatedRisk where CR graphs the recent BLS data on unemployment. The interesting things for you are the positive states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Virginia. And possibly Vermont.

Oklahoma looks pretty good to me too, having just talked to my old friends in Michigan.

Another interesting place is ShadowStats to…

Is It Time To Move?

Time to move. Creative Class cities as better places to be. Courage in leaving during a bad time. Can moving from the dead-end place you are to somewhere better work?

ASSOCHAM: Indian Firms May Fire 25%

ASSOCHAM threatens that Indian firms may lay off 25% of their workers in the next 10 days, according to Expressindia. This seems a bit excessive even by my apparently ghoulish attitude to the current recession/collapse. I’m not sure what this means or if it is simply posturing by Industry. A quarter of your workforce is a large number, especially if it is done across all industries.

Anyone hav…

How Hope Breeds Success

Time for success!

People who have always been fully employed often pooh-pooh the idea that simply being unemployed can have detrimental effects on people, especially men. Even though they have never struggled to find work, usually moving seamlessly from one position to another, they have strong opinions on the laziness of the long-term unemployed.

Studies in unemployment show how a long-drawn-out…

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