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What Is Real Executive Work? (That Executives Aren’t Doing)

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I got some strong comments regarding my post that executives are boobs. I probably should have said “worthless drags on shareholder value who ought to be golden parachuted into a live volcano that resembles the eternal hell they deserve for being lazy good-for-nothings.” But let’s not quibble. Let’s instead deal with what real executive work looks like. And, yes, I’ve …

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Imaginist, Systemicist, and Getting Myself Wrong

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In late November, while talking to my old partner about how the Seven Decision Making Approaches (or “languages of achievement”) are relevant to his current work problems, I suddenly realised something startling. For several years, I have been selling myself as either Imaginist or Empiricist, but delivering Systemicist results. The disconnect has been startling. It cleanly explains many of the …

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Maybe You’re Not Successful Because You Don’t Want That

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You probably get told that you could be successful if you want to. I got that a lot, too. One day, my executive coach — a wildly insightful guy named Mark Pletcher — leaned in, looked me straight in the eye, and shot the truth right between my eyes: “Maybe you’re not getting all that because you don’t want it” …