Confusion in Bix. Splash page from "Heavens to Betsy", -Club "16" Comics-, Issue 1, page 1

Why You Hate Your Consultant (part 1)

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“What?! What do you mean I hate my consultant?!” Or is it “I hate my consultant?!”

Of course you do! Almost everyone hates your consultant! He’s an oafish boor, a pure blowhard with a head made of stone. It’s all you ever talk about, apparently.

I’ve been working on a piece with this title, and as a part of it, I’ve been asking people “Why do you hate your consultant?” Most tellingly, only one person responded with “I don’t hate my consultant!” and even she followed it with ” . . . all that much.” Most of us seem to be eager to talk about why we can’t stand our consultants. I’ve collected a few of the responses here, for your reading pleasure:

  1. “He’s a know-it-all blowhard”
  2. “She doesn’t want to do the knowledge transfer” (more on this weird term later)
  3. “He doesn’t respect our expertise”
  4. “Externals always try to take all the credit for this project in front of management”
  5. “He doesn’t know what he’s doing”
  6. “Her solution isn’t going to work here”
  7. “Nothing the consultant does ever lasts”
  8. “She makes me feel stupid”
  9. “He’s a techno-geek who just won’t listen to what I want done”

Of course, the list can go on. I’d love to hear more comments about why you hate your consultants.

Image credit: Splash page from “Heavens to Betsy”, Club “16” Comics, Issue 1, page 1

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