Communities of Practice

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My thinking is that people will communicate easily with those within their stratum band but that information has a harder time flowing across strata boundaries. Communities of practice would have to develop initially within a single stratum. After development and cohesion, the group could expand and take on people in lower ranks. Of course, maybe it takes a person in a higher stratum to provide context to those in a lower stratum about why this is necessary.

I can’t help but think that a meeting topic that is of interest to Stratum X might not be of interest at all to Stratum X-2.

At least I discovered today that I’m not the only one who thinks that Jaques discovered something that resembles a network. I was perusing Craddock’s fine bibliography about Jaques-ian topics and ran through some of the citations under “A” and “B”.

It also led me to thinking about teams. I think that “self-managed team” simply means “team that is actually managed rather than interfered with by the boss”. If people had any idea what real management leadership looked like, the idea of self-managed teams wouldn’t be thought of as anything so radical.

“Let’s tell people what we want and then let them do it in a way that works for them!”

“Brilliant, Oscar! Simply brilliant!”

I must have been born knowing what leadership looked like. It’s probably why I’m either the best person you can ever had under you, or something beyond your wildest nightmares.

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