HQ of the Council of the European Union, Justus Lipsius building, meeting room for working groups [detail] (2007) by Szilas. Via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Velvet Gloves & Iron Fists

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A post by Al Gorman The managerial objective of every workplace is to create a supercharged environment where employees work in cooperation with each other, employing individual best effort, to deliver the outputs defined within the task assignments delegated by management to the employees. A little later we’ll explore the concept of Objectivisim…objective/ objectivism seems compatible doesn’t it? The reality …

Cognitive Dissonance & Change

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I recently completed the following article that defines the concepts of dissonance and consonance and their significance in the process of change. Cognitive Dissonance Theory for Inspiring Social Change

Mastering the new, letting go of the old

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Enclosed is another article published (and reproduced with their consent) by the folks at Core International. This creation is from Ginty Burns and Rich Morgan, two of Core’s talented consultants specializing in Requisite Organization and Stratified Systems Theory. You can visit Core at their website www.coreinternational.com Here’s the article.

Effective Listening for Leaders and for Life

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Do we really listen? How are effective, or ineffective, listening skills affecting your organization, the people who are employed by the organization and the results they deliver? Expanded further how are your listening skills affecting your life? Let’s start with the premise that we really don’t listen at all. Or, as a minimum at best we listen to what we …

Strengthening Hierarchy from the Bottom Up

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The challenge with hierarchy is balancing position power with inclusion. We’ve been on an “Engagement Journey” for quite a while, one that is aimed at imparting cultural change and resulting in a highly engaged workforce. We might even conclude that although imperfect, many of the right things are being done. Engagement is being built with managerial systems. There are no …

Genevieve Clark on telephone, circa 1910.

The mobile worker: Curse or blessing? (guest post)

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The following article is reproduced with permission from Paul Tremlett, President of COREinternational and was published in the Canadian HR Reporter. Publish Date: February 28, 2005 You might not like career development costs for employees whose allegiance is fleeting — but that’s the labour market if you expect to attract top performers By Paul Tremlett and Ginty Burns There was …

Discrimination Deters the Realization of Current Potential Capability

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Central to the objectives of stratified systems theory and requisite managerial practices is the notion that the organization will reach its full potential capability by facilitating the opportunities for the individuals employed by the organization in meeting their full potential. The objective of providing each individual the opportunity to realize his or her full potential capability is a remarkable and …

Building the Prosperity of the New Global Community via Work Organizations

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It is imperative as the new millennium evolves that we understand why people work, what they set forth to derive from their work, how they behave as an expression of their level of satisfaction obtained at work, and the accountabilities of managerial (and parliamentarian) leadership, in creating conditions within the workplace that set forth to satisfy fundamental and evolving human …

Job Security or Job Satisfaction

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Job Security or Job Satisfaction? Of course the objective is obtaining employment that provides both job security and job satisfaction, yet what is one to do when he or she is left weighing off one versus the other? The preference is this will be a conjunctive conversation and not a disjunctive one…the “and” versus “or” distinction! We wish to hear …