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There is no The Manasclerk Company any more. It closed in 2022 after a long hiatus. It’s sad. Many people cried bitter tears. Others rejoiced, because they like bitter tears and think they add to the flavor of a strong cup of tea. I could, and probably should, rework all of these pages. I’m much too lazy to do that, since this only costs me money.

Wow, it feels good to not have to worry about how this is coming across to potential business partners who lack any imagination or humor! I hated working with them anyway. Now I know why. Go figure.

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  1. Mark Goodall here. I have been studying RO and Jaques and have interfaced with a number of long time Jaques disciples. Personally, I am interested in Jaques beyond RO, but I am also noting a failure of Jaques disciples in that Human Capability seems to be captured within RO instead of moving to humanities studies as Jaques (in my view) intended. I have also noted fragmentation within RO and a lack of coordination between the various RO camps. Whatever, but, here is the question I have: Who are the Elliott Jaques biggest thinkers of today? Would that be you, Forrest Christian? I would enjoy sharing some heady Jaques correspondence.

  2. Hi Mark. RO is evolving like everything around. There are different ideas based on the RO principles, with the original concept slowly dying (which is fine as long as something bigger emerges). I was talking to Janne Korhonen, Warren Kinston, Fabiaan van Vrekhem – all these people have something amazing – just go for a Google search.

    Still, there will be differences – EJ generously shared too much with us, with different implications of using these theories and ideas, and also with us not always understanding these different implications. But the framing of a challenge is always limited to our own view of the world.. so nothing you or me can do about it.

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