New Upgrade, New Breaks

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I should change to a managed server. The new upgrade has broken things again (for example, Al Gorman is now the author of everything) and I’ll have to figure things out. It may be that my provider is automatically handling updates, which breaks my site.

Anyway, enjoy the retro look for a few days until I get back and fix everything.

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E. Forrest Christian is a consultant, coach, author, trainer and speaker at The Manasclerk Company who helps individuals and companies find insight and solutions to what seem like insolvable problems. Cited for his "unique ability and insight" by his clients, Forrest has worked with people from almost every background, from artists to programmers to executives to global consultants, both as individuals and as leaders of organizations at least as diverse. [contact]

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  1. Honestly I haven’t hacked in. I did surf in this evening however and was refreshed to see you’re keeping the conversation going and enjoyed dumping my two cents in on a couple of recent articles. I certainly don’t want to be the author of everything…only those articles that have a royalty stream. Cheers!

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