Closing up at No.9 Park by Peter Hall. (CC BY SA-2.0). Via Flickr

Closing Time (or “So long, Elliot Jaques”)

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It’s closing time. After spending almost all of the last thirty years of my worklife as a consultant, I finally walked away. As of last week, I have returned to the risk career I left a long time ago. I joined a large financial company’s technology risk management oversight group where I’m an internal consultant. As a part of this …

Moore, Oklahoma and My Family

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Yesterday, a massive tornado hit the Oklahoma City area, concentrated on Moore, OK. This just one day after a tornado ripped through Edmond and other cities. We think about these things because my wife is from OKC, and she had family in Moore and Edmond. Today, we’re just thankful that everyone is safe. Her brother-in-law was able to clean off …

No more HHPs!

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From now on, I’m not going to work with HHPs! I’m only going to work with 2HiPo’s. HHPs always sounded like a bad computer company. “Two high poe” conveys more about who you people are. So my new seminar series will be 2HiPo-centered. We also have a new logo that will be rolling out once I can find a color …

Admin: RSS Feeds now back up

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My RSS feeds have been down for awhile, apparently, depending on how you access them. And the earlier fix took down all the category pages, archive pages and even individual posts. Yikes! Should’ve seen it but didn’t. Your RSS feed should be regardless. This is a good argument for outsourcing your IT.

Short Hiatus for New Family Addition

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During the lull between the main snow and the forecasted lake effect snows during this blizzard here in northern Indiana on Wednesday, our new baby decided to accelerate her arrival. A lot. Upshot is that we have a perfectly wonderful new baby girl — her and her mother are both doing fine — and are even back at home. But …

Social Capital and Human Capital, Trust, Keiretsu: Current Reading and Updates

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Just some notes for today: If you have been reading the site through a browser, and not an RSS feed, you may have noticed that we’ve been changing quite a bit. There’s a great deal left to do, so please do email me if you see anything strange happening. The goal is to make it much easier for you to …

Moving to a new design

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I’ve been sick and tired of my website for years now, and with the change in how I do business, I’m moving off this look into a new one. Expect a pretty simplistic look on the website for about a week as I introduce the new layout for the site and the new business model. Also, have you taken a …