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Jaques and Clement on Leadership and Subordinate Behaviours

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In their book, Executive Leadership, Elliott Jaques and Stephen Clement make the point that almost any personality type can be an effective manager — role that contains leadership. (They go to lengths to make it clear that leadership does not exist outside of a particular role performance.) These personality quirks are irrelevant until they become disruptive to the organization or …

Elliott Jaques on the importance of work in our lives

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Been perusing Executive Leadership. Jaques says about our work being important: The simple fact is that managerial organizations have become the most important of the social institutions of the modern free enterprise democratic society. Consider their impact. In the economically developed nations anywhere from 75% to over 90% of those who work for a living, do so for a wage …

Elliott Jaques

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Why the hell hasn’t anyone ever told me about Elliott Jaques?! This stuff is gold, like seeing the world from the air for the first time.