Meeting Marshall Goldsmith

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One of the speaker at OD this week was Marshall Goldsmith, one of the Ken Blanchard guys (and, he said, the father of Kelly from Survivor Africa, a show I must have missed). I had meant to go to another session, but I was talking as is my wont and just decided to stay where I was. It happened to be a table on the front and I need to be up close to pay any attention at all. I get a good deal of my information from the speaker’s facial expressions. But I had no idea who Marshall Goldsmith was, and was only marginally interested in executive coaching. Apparently, some rag named him the best executive coach and another one of the top ten consultants. So, worthwhile regardless, eh?

My brother’s response to finding out that I had been in a Marshall seminar and that he had consequently come up to talk to me was “You met Marshall Goldsmith? Do you know how much people pay for that?!”

Very cool.

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