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Self-Organizing for Success in IT?

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I’ve been thinking about how many things have to get done right in order to any of the projects that I am working on to be successful. I’m show surprised that anything ever gets accomplished.

There has to be a better way.

If societies can evolve into complex structures through emergent whatevers, why can’t information systems?

Image credit: Satellite image of Laguna San Antonio, Bolivia. NASA image.

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  1. Postmodern I.T. = Outsourcing

    Like the christians “emerging” from their local churches, I.T. is leaving the local companies and emigrating to foreign shores.

  2. Post

    That’s a great line about people “emerging” from their local church. Very funny.

    I think that companies are going to be very surprised when they wake up and realize that they became software development houses that happened to sell _______, and they have sent all their business knowledge to Russia or India. There’s no reason why an insurance business cannot be substantially run from overseas, including most corporate functions such as actuarial and IT work to legal. You would need a skeleton staff in the States (not counting agents, although you could use independent agents and independent adjusters, just like small insurance companies do now) to be a legal entity and comply with certain regulations and laws. But can you think of a reason why insurance companies should keep any operation here?

    Yep, we’re all going to be emerging from our jobs.

  3. Jobs are outsourced because costs go up.
    Costs go up because inflation is built into our monetary system.
    Inflation is built into our monetary system because we use the Federal Reserve System to “create” money.
    We use the FRS to “create” money because we are not on the gold standard.
    We are not on the gold standard because we wanted to make our economy grow faster.
    We wanted the economy to grow faster because we thought this would improve our overall standard of living.

    We increased our overall standard of living, but inflated ourselves out of competitiveness.

    What is going on today is the outgrowth of our fiscal policy of the last five or six decades. Had we a crystal ball back then, we could’ve seen this coming. The fix is not so easy or so clear.

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