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PeopleFit’s Course on “Assessing Raw Talent”

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So, I returned from the PeopleFit course on how to assess raw talent through CIP evaluations. Wow. What a great class. Hands down the best course that I have ever attended.

I’ll be unpacking the various things I learned, including how much I got from the other people in the class over the next few days. There are several things, including stuff that I’m putting together from info from PeopleFit, info from the others, and info that I’ve been thinking about.

Anyway, highly recommended class but it might drive you crazy. Coding these interviews was pretty tough and there’s homework for the next two weeks (three interviews coded that I run). The secret for me was to read the whole thing, make a guess and then get into coding. One of Jaques’s main points was that humans have the ability to evaluate subordinates and managers. I’m figuring that this is some adaptive pattern-recognition, much like human eyes can pick important objects out of noise better than machines which is why you have human beings look at satelite photos. Of course, we also see things that we want to see which are not there, whether that’s gunmen in the grassy knoll or WMD.

There definitely seems to be something in this CIP stuff, even with my reservations about it. People whom others have coded as X seem to be pretty much in that space from my gut instinct.

I was pretty amazed at how many of the PhDs who had been interviewed coded as pretty low. It goes to show you that not every PhD is my wife, the world’s smartest and prettiest woman.

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  1. Without understanding exactly how Peoplefit undertakes the assessment (I suspect they transcribe the verbal argument and then look at constructs in logic to determine whether they are third or fourth order of complexity – declarative, cumulative, serial or parallel processes) what perplexes me is how successful an individual with lower CIP can be at identifying CIP higher than their own. Specifically, if I can’t rationalize a stratum VII argument, how do I identify one? And, would we know if we saw a fifth order (Universals) argument? What I have observed with MoR judgements of CPC (Current Potential Capability) is rarely if ever does the MoR judge the SoR’s CPC higher than his or her own, not to mention the confusion I have observed where MoRs obscure their judgement of CPC with CAC (Current Applied Capability). Acknowledged they may not be very well trained or informed. I’m certainly interested in hearing more about Peoplefit’s approach.

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