I’ve Got You the Discount: Get To The Most Important Conference of Your Career

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I don’t shill much. Ever. I don’t even shill my own services here. But I’m going to shill a great conference that is being held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in early August.

From 8-11 August 2005, the Global Organization Design Society is holding its first conference on scientific management. It’s an incredible opportunity to learn more about the findings that I talk about, the Law of the Real Boss, and how to apply it to your business situation in order to achieve fantastic results.

But act now: I can’t guarantee that the rates I can get you will last.

There are a lot of business theories out there. Lots of them. Oodles. Most of them aren’t that bad, as far as they go. But the trouble is that they don’t go very far. The Law of the Real Boss (or “global organization design”, as these fellows call it) goes a lot farther. It doesn’t take care of everything, but it takes care of a lot. It places you in a position where the other theories now can be used, because you are no longer fighting against the Irrefutable Law of the Real Boss. Getting the roles right and the right people in them (and the wrong people into their right roles) isn’t easy or for the faint of heart. No, it’s for the manager who wants to double growth, to succeed in a flat market, to create an organization that is sustainable and strong.

These are real world results that have been gotten. I’m currently writing up a report on the Whirlpool Canada use of the Law of the Real Boss. They turned around a division that was headed for the chopping block by using it, to the point where they were gaining market share in a flat market. That’s right: the market wasn’t growing but their sales were. They increased productivity. They increased market share. They went 180 degrees from where they were. In only a couple of years.

Unheard of? Only because everyone else is ignoring the Law of the Real Boss.

Get to Toronto and hear more about the Law of the Real Boss, stratified systems building, creating requisite organizations and getting the full value out of your people.

Need the pot sweetened? Mention that you read it hear and I’ll negotiate a discount for you. That’s right: you’ll get a discount just by mentioning Requisite Readings. How can I promise this? I’m volunteerring for them. You’ll get a discount riding on my coattails.

Why bother going:

  • You’ll hear real life success stories from the people who lived them, from the 1960s to today.
  • You’ll learn real world techniques for getting your organisation into line with the irrefutable law of the Real Boss
  • You’ll get to meet CEOs and other executives of large and mid-sized companies who have used the Law of the Real Boss (or the Requisite Organization principle) to create real, lasting value
  • Get to meet the top leaders who continue to mold the methods around the Law of the Real Boss
  • Go at a discount, just because you read Requisite Readings

That’s a pretty good list. Most conferences are basically just a way for you to get out of the office. This conference is actually going to tell you something about your company, your career and how to succeed by using the Law of the Real Boss for you.

I don’t make any money out of this. Nor does The Manasclerk Co., Process Write, Inc. or any other group I work for. I’m doing this because I think by organizing your company and your career around the Law of the Real Boss you can increase your chances for success. You still have to put forth hard work and (let’s face it) make and get some lucky opportunities. But you get to pull your full value out of it.

Get to the Global Organization Design Conference, August 8-11, 2005 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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