How To Get Double Digit Growth In Your Business

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A recent interviewee gave me this statement. It matches so well with what I have been writing on lately (outside of here) that I can only believe that I heard it and subconsciously started chewing on it. It’s a great statement from someone who took a company from 1-2% annual growth for seven years to double digit growth in one. He moved around his executive staff to get a Real Boss organization along natural leadership lines to get this. Not the whole company: just the executive team.

These more robust strategies are only going to be effective if we have the right structure in place and do it at the right levels.

He’s currently at 13% sales growth and 23% profit growth. You tell me if that means he knows what he’s talking about.

It’s not just structure. It’s not just strategy. It’s not just structure and strategy. No, it’s the proper interaction between the two, cascading a strategy down, matching a strategic thinking level with the organizational worklevel.

Lots to think on there.

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