The Power of SAP To Control Your Business

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That’s not you controlling your business through SAP but SAP running you. From Ron May’s excellent email newsletter, The May Report, of 2006-Jan-17:

The best interview I conducted was with a guy from Kellogg who explained how Kellogg was somewhat boxed into the decision to go with SAP because Keebler already had it and they had just bought Keebler, so it was a case of the tail wagging the dog. To undo Keebler would have been too much grief.

And, of course, that forced certain business models on Kellogg from Keebler, regardless of whether they made sense.

People are always talking about how some of the things I say here are unrealistic, that no one wants to redo their business. Apparently SAP knows that this is wrong.

Now, how will you move quickly once you are locked into SAP? Entreprenuers, take note.

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