Management Books by Lord Brown Now Free and Online!

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Just to let y’all know: the GO Society has finally put up the books by Wilfred Lord Brown, Minister of Health and CEO of Glacier Metals. Lord Brown had a different take on the work that Jaques did for him, and it’s interesting to read an owner’s accounts of how to run a business.

The books now online include some that are notoriously hard to find on this side of the Atlantic:

  • Exploration in Management
  • Organization
  • Piecework Abandoned – The Effect of Wage Incentive Systems on Managerial Authority, which is actually a short monograph

All the books can be downloaded from the books page at the GO Society website.

I am currently reading Organization and am enjoying it. I’ll review it here later.

Lord Brown also has a great training film series that is available from the GO Society. Contact them for more information; it should be simply a small fee and then shipping from Toronto.

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