Fallows to Publish in GO Society Book

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If you missed on of Jack Fallows’s presentations at the GO Society conference last August, you will be pleased to hear that he will be publishing a portion of his work as a chapter in the new book coming out this fall from that group. It won’t have his spiffy Flash animations to illustrate his points (very spiffy, IMO) but it should contain his basic argument.

Personally, I can’t wait but you can’t always get advance copies.

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  1. I tried to find Jack’s presentation on the GO site because I was either presenting or at another session during his session. However, having talked with him at a meal, I was very interesting in his presentation. Do you know if it exists on the GO site? Why isn’t there a search function on the GO site?

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    I don’t think that there is a search function. Nor do I think that Fallow’s stuff is up there. At least I couldn’t find it, either. Maybe he felt it was too “in the air”. His wife told me that he had been working on the book of it all for about 10 years. I volunteered to help him get it out the door but he hasn’t called. 😉

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