In Which We Announce Our Return From Summer Holidays

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The Manasclerk Company, hosts of this blog, took some time off (as they are wont to do) this summer to do some analysis and other business-y stuff. Good that I don’t actually make any money off of this or I would have to care. I’m just glad to have this space back.

Administratively, updates have been done to the various server packages. I don’t have any clue what we’re actually running, so don’t ask! On the desktop front, the conversion to desktop Linux (Ubuntu based) has gone smoothly, although we’re still booting Windows XP for Macromedia and Framemaker. I do so miss Framemaker for Linux. Maybe we’ll see it again as a Code Weavers-based solution.

Up soon are reviews of Bakke’s Joy At Work, Brown’s Organization (UK and Australia have good copies; if you are in the States, just download it from the GO Society); a look back at Goffman’s Relations In Public and related research; talk about a smattering of journal articles from the summer reading stack; and an series of essays on how Enterprise Architecture will ruin IT or your company, whichever comes first.

Also up is the continuance of our discussion about using the findings of Jaques and Brown on felt-fair pay and worklevel to manage your own career. I’m leaning further to teaching you how to manipulate other people using this knowledge since other techniques I’ve had people test in the field really haven’t paid off.

A reminder to members that the annual meeting will be held in Brussels in November, just in time for it to be a pain for Americans. No, waffles and chocolate did not enter into the decision. Much. Apologies to everyone in AsiaPac for passing on Gurgaon and MDI this year, especially to those unnamed person who have been nagging us to come over. Maybe next year. (“Next year in Gurgaon!” doesn’t really have that special something, but what can you do?)

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