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I got sidetracked by some other issues and haven’t gotten around to finishing my posts on the GO Society Conference. Most importantly was my wife’s completion of the Phase 1 deliverable of our Baby Project (Alice Lee Christian, mom and her both doing great).

Upcoming in the next two weeks (no earlier — it’s our first) are topics that you might be interested in:

  1. The Ethics of Requisite Organization
  2. Values, especially from Warren Kinston
  3. People, focusing on the folks I met: let’s face it, talking in the hallways is more interesting than the sessions, or at least that’s the hallmark of conferences worth attending in my opinion
  4. Requisitely organising Information Technology, especially IBM’s new project delivery methodology

Others from my notes when I get focused and recover my wits.

I’ll be dwelling on the ethical issues of CPAs, RO implementation, providing managers with information on their employees, etc. that I think are worth addressing. Kinston’s values taxonomy is pretty interesting but I will need to think about how to talk about it.

If you are interested in what he might be saying (and you probably should), take a look at his brief book available on the GO Society website.

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