New Directions Require A New Name

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You might have noticed a subtle change on the name. It’s a harbinger of coming changes.

Over the next month, everything at The Manasclerk Company will be undergoing a major (and much needed) overhaul to bring us inline with our original vision. I’ve let the company drift away from what the vision I originally had. Some of you are going to love it; some will hate it — but it’s our vision. As we’ve grown connections with a large number of young high-moders across the world, it’s become painfully obvious that I’ve listened too much to voices that weren’t theirs.

Posts are coming back on the 3x/week schedule (or higher) and bringing back the style and verve that built the brand in the first place. The focus is shifting to better fit with our strategic direction. I’ve allowed a host of other voices crowd out the one that I need listen to, and it’s time to return to who we are.

We’re shooting for relaunch April 1. Watch out for it.

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