Luc Hoebeke on Koldo Saratxaga, IRIZAR and Pride in Your Work

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A little teaser for the forthcoming Part 2 of my conversation with Luc Hoebeke, the Belgian organizational expert and author of Making Work Systems Better: A Practitioner’s Guide. In this 30-second excerpt, Hoebeke talks about the most important thing Koldo Saratxaga did to help IRIZAR create a high-performance, team-focused work culture.

If you’re not Spanish or Basque, you probably have missed the buzz around the culture at the Mondragon Cooperative and IRIZAR. IRIZAR builds long-range coaches (think “tour bus”) and has seen remarkable results in a workforce of 70,000+ that spans continents.

The full part 2 will have Hoebeke’s more extended thoughts.

If there is interest, I will publish some of his thoughts on the role Elliott Jaques’s ideas about the form of time play in his work.

Excerpt from my Hoebeke conversation part 2

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