Secret Rules of Career Success seminar series

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Secret Rules for Career Success logoFor the past few weeks I’ve been telling you that I am developing a new program to help Hidden High Potentials discover who they are and find fulfilling work and lives. I’m proud to announce the first part of that program, The Secret Rules for Career Success. Because you are reading Requisite Writings right now, I want to give you the first opportunity to sign up when we finalize the dates — and give you a special thank-you discount!

These seminars will tell you why:

  • You feel you are always trying to not reveal what you can really do
  • People look to you in a crisis and not your boss
  • You do three times the work of anyone else but get paid the same or even less
  • The boss keeps giving you bewildering “you need an attitude adjustment” talks
  • You follow the rules that everyone says will work to succeed at work, but they never do

Andrew and I are committed to giving these competent people across several industries and nations — these Hidden High Potentials — the information and tools that they need to get their careers unstuck and ontrack for real success. These webinars are only part of what we have planned.

Sign up now for early notification of our first course and get my e-zine newsletter free. Each week, it covers a new point that Hidden High Potentials can use to find happiness and fulfillment at work, and special news and offers for career success. Plus, you will be listed as one of my founding readers, getting access to special discounts as my way of saying “Thank You!” for your encouragement.

I’m really excited about working with Andrew on these seminars. He’s one of the few people in the field who, like me, wants to spend his time working with Hidden High Potentials. If you haven’t already read his articles on “Stress and the Working Journey”, do it now. It explains how, for people who are what I call Hidden High Potentials, working in a job that doesn’t fit the size of work you are capable of doing can lead to real physical and psychological health problems. (Translation: Working at a too small job won’t just be unfulfilling: it can send you to the hospital.) I worked with Andrew to do a little clean up on his excellent chapter in the GO Society’s Organization Design, Levels of Work & Human Capability :Executive Guide that describes how the discovery of work levels shows up in our Working Journeys.

Just click the link and complete a simple form and you’ll be signed up to my special Early Evangelist list. I will never send you spam or share your email address. And you can cancel at any time.

The seminars are just the tip of the iceberg. Andrew has almost the same vision for changing the world through these Hidden High Potentials as I articulated four years ago when I attended PeopleFit’s CIP training course. I’ve talked to people across the world — Andrew’s from South Africa and now living in Tasmania — and he’s the first one who had the same excitement I had about helping you contribute your full capacity to the world. It’s nothing short of helping you get free of a bondage and find your working “promised land”.

Why bother with putting all of this together? Simple: Because you are the killer app.

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  1. I suspect I could count on one hand (that’s missing a finger) the number of people on the planet who are truly interested in the plight of us Hidden High Potentials.

    I just saw my boss go down the hall and he suddenly looked like Pharaoh!

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