Studs Terkel Takes His Bow

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I was sitting here typing up a new post on Sociopaths in business (it’s going to end up being an e-book and a new Secret Rule) when I heard news that Studs Terkel, the Chicago radio commentator and general social commentator, passed on.

I read his Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do (1974) in a class on sociology of work twenty years ago. When I came to Chicago, he was still occasionally on the air.

His Division Street: America and Hard Times are Chicago landmarks.

Sometimes work eats. Sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes you leave a pretty decent body of work.

May you have been in heaven half an hour ere the Devil knew you had gone, Studs.

Some videos with Studs after the jump:

Studs’s appearance on Conversations With History.

Studs Narrating a Banned Film on the “history of occupational health and safety in the U.S. from the Industrial Revolution to the 1970s”

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