Michael Bates, a Commenter, Sued for Libel… By a Newspaper!

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Michael Bates is a sometimes commenter here, a software developer, ex-candidate for office, radio personality, blogger, amigo and columnist for the Urban Tulsa Weekly. And he’s being sued for libel, along with the weekly and its owner, by the Tulsa’s daily newspaper, Tulsa World.

Again, he’s being sued for libel by a newspaper. As someone has said, on the face of it that sounds a bit like “Man Bites Dog”.

He’s garnering national exposure: Slate has started covering the issue.

Bates has a series of links about the lawsuit, including links to the original article. I am neither qualified nor knowledgeable enough to speak to the merits of the case, so I won’t.

He’s been threatened with a lawsuit by Tulsa World before over linking to and/or quoting from their online presence in his blog.

Anyway, best of luck to him in his defense.

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