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strategy+business, the Booz Hamilton rag, has some interesting folks listing their top picks for 2008 biz books. The list is interesting because the range of people picking them.

Still, I’d rather hear from people I think are interesting. So, what did you read last year that you recommend? Post your list in the comments and I’ll do an interview with you about your list for the next occasional podcast.

Since I burned through a startup, started my own, and had a daughter turn 1 during 2008, I find upon review that I didn’t read any new books during the year. Lots of old ones, of course, but nothing new that springs to mind.

So what’s your recommended reading from 2008?

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  1. It isn’t really a biz book, but I thought Daniel Pink’s “A Whole New Mind: Moving From the Information Age to the Conceptual Age” was worth it, and he also has a lot of articles posted on his web site that are also interesting.

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