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For Underachievers & Other Losers Who Will Change the World

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Michael Bates of the prolific Batesline has nudged me to put in some of the posts that didn’t make it from my earlier personal blog when I made the transition over to here. For the most part, they deal with the idea of “underachiever” and why that’s straight from the Devil’s mouth to your ears.

These are retreads: they originally appeared awhile back but didn’t make it onto this site because of thematic problems or being too personal. I have since decided to ignore anyone who is offended by either.

I’ve probably changed my mind a bit on some of this, toning some things down, but this remains the same: there is a large population of people who are consistently misunderstood and put down. Most people call these folks “underachiever” or just “losers”.

I call them Hidden High Potentials.

And they’re going to change the world.

Articles are listed after the jump.

Adult Underachievers and Why That’s Stupid

Michael Bates, in a recent email, suggested that I take a look at what Julie R. Neidlinger, who besides having a fun last name, recently discussed her total failure at Ken Christian’s “adult underachiever test”. [more]

Replies to Underachievers’ Questions

Do you remember when you last had that thrilling experience, to lose yourself in the work, to be beyond mastery, to feel the walls of your perception fall away? Somewhat akin to the alpha states achieved by some in Pentecostal worship services and raves. When’s the last time your work energized you rather than chewed you up? [more]

Are Underachieving Artists Simply Underpricing?

Let’s take a look at art. Because part of the artist’s dilemma is how to price a particular piece. And this is related to our questions about underachievers. [more]

In which I have dinner with a StrVII 41 year old

I recently had the strangest set of conversations. A friend of a friend (yes, really) connected me with a guy whom he thought might be Stratum 7. At 41. He was passing through my neck of the woods (at least while working during the week; I work away from home): would I want to meet up with him closer to the airport? Sure, I said. This could be interesting. [more]

Thoughts on underemployed high-moders (Adult Underachievers)

(I’ve changed some of my opinions from this point, at least as of 2009-Jan.) Some random thoughts I’ve had over the past couple of years, collected. Randomly. About what I call underemployed or underutilized high-mode individuals. Others call them “ex- gifted child” or “adult underachiever” or “irritating screw ups”. If you don’t know what “mode” means, here’s a quick explanation. [more]

Lighthouse at night, Chania, city of Crete. © 2009 Martin Belam. Via Flickr.

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  1. Now…those 404’s are not only not fair, they’re also a tragedy. This looks to be an awesome post and I’d like to read the articles because they’re quite relevant to transitions. Where is this personal blog with said thematic and too personal information? Although they might need to be “toned down” to be included on the RR site about OM. They probably don’t need to be toned down for readers in the middle of trying to figure out what the the heck their problem is. IMO

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