Admin: Recovery Means Reposts

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If you’ve been seeing 20-30 updates on the RSS feed from Requisite Writing, it’s because I’m trying to recover the site. I did something stupid and lost 200 posts on Friday night. My backups for the last months were all zero bytes so no use at all. I’ve recovered as much as I can (database up to March) and then augmented with some local files I had here in MarsEdit and what I could get out of the search engine caches.

Thank goodness there are several.

I’ve learned a lot, not the least of which is that my site wasn’t being indexed very well. That needs to be corrected. Oh, yeah, and make backups more regularly.

The full recovery, as much as I can do, will take another week or so. Your comments from 2009 Feb 12 to 2009 April 30 are partly lost, which is a crying shame. Some recovery is possible, but some things are just lost.

I’d take it as an omen but, nah, I’m taking it as a sign of something.

Anyway, back to real posts later this week. Boy was I scared when I thought that I had lost over two years of posts!

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