Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends north of the border.

If your holiday is as great as ours, here’s SCTV’s “20 Depressing Hits by Connie Franklin” to help you celebrate.

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  1. I’m tardy seeing this, but how typical of you, Forrest, to know that our Thanksgiving is in October.

    Having spent one Thanksgiving in the United States I think I can say that based on what I saw, no, our holiday is not quite as great as yawl’s.

  2. Post

    It’s all those nights watching Hockey Night in Canada on the CBC when I lived south of Detroit. (Hello, Windsor!)

    And as a Southerner, I have to let you know: it’s “y’all”, which is just the contraction for “you all”. To be truly Southern, you have to further differentiate with “y’all all”. Really!

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