Paris: Horsedrawn omnibus on avenue des gobelins.

ANN: Recording new video classes

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Tomorrow I am going off to a decent site, with hopefully some better mics than I have, to record a couple of new videos for sale at the store. I will do at least one that is pretty much what I give my coaching clients to start these days. It will be priced low enough to be accessible to everyone who must eschew private coaching for financial reasons. (If eschew is the word I want, and I’m not at all sure it is.)

If all goes well and the ecommerce guys can get things posted, I’ll have them up over the weekend.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that I’ll finally close off the retail section of my coaching practice. I will still see executives who want to understand the structural dynamics of their work lives but the videos will take the place of the old and neglected Secret Rules of Career Success.

Old clients of SRoCS will get a complimentary download code, ‘natch.

The others are just some presentations that I’ve had laying about that never got recorded, including one on the problems Enterprise Management (don’t get me stared, at least not until tomorrow) and another on the “seminar bubble” mentioned on the Forbes site awhile back, with possible solutions.

I should probably do one up explaining Time-span of Discretion since it seems that what’s wildly obvious to me seems obtuse to most others. And one explaining the Glacier Metal Management Method (which I think is superior to the requisite organization principles). But that’s another day….

image credit: “Détail d’une carte postale ancienne éditée par GI, N° 632. PARIS : L’avenue des Gobelins. Détail sur un tramway à impériale découverte et traction hippomobile, sans doute exploité par la Compagnie générale des Omnibus.” via Wikimedia Commons.

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