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Structure Follows Strategy

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I’ve often heard Louis Sullivan’s dictum “Form Follows Function”. At the recent GO Society conference in Toronto, I had the pleasure of interviewing several people for case studies of using requisite organizational structure principles in successful business turn-arounds. All of them said the same thing. “We got the strategy right first.” Structure follows strategy, it seems, if I may riff …

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The mobile worker: Curse or blessing? (guest post)

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The following article is reproduced with permission from Paul Tremlett, President of COREinternational and was published in the Canadian HR Reporter. Publish Date: February 28, 2005 You might not like career development costs for employees whose allegiance is fleeting — but that’s the labour market if you expect to attract top performers By Paul Tremlett and Ginty Burns There was …

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“The Pitfalls of Strategic Planning” by Mintzberg

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Mintzberg, Henry (1993). “The Pitfalls of Strategic Planning”. California Management Review, Fall 1993:32-47. In this ten-year old article, Mintzberg summarizes the points he makes at length within The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning. Much of the material that you get out of the longer book can be gained by simply reading this article closely. The book’s still worth reading. …

Another Duh! From McKinsey

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An interesting article from McKinsey Quarterly that proves that no one has a clue about how to manage any longer: New from The McKinsey Quarterly:Strategy“Balancing short- and long-term performance”The benefits are many for corporations that can walk this tightrope.(Premium Membership required)

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More Evidence of the High Failure Rate of Performance Improvement Efforts

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Top Consultant, a UK-based operation dealing with consultancies, has an interesting article describing a recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Celerant Consulting, an affiliate of Novell. Top-Consultant reports that More than 4 in 10 senior executives surveyed in a major new cross-industry study said that performance improvement initiatives undertaken at their companies over the past three …

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Mark Van Clieaf asks, “What work are we paying CEOs to do?”

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Mark Van Clieaf is all for paying someone for what they are doing but he believes that CEOs are delivering only short-term value, at the expense of the company’s long term viability. And, if his numbers are correct, most US CEOs aren’t even delivering short term value: their companies are not making more than they are spending.