New Webinar: “Why You Hate Your Church”

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Why You Hate Your Church. Sunday, 2009 April 19 at 8pm CDT / Chicago time A good percentage of readers of Requisite Writing are Christians of one sort of another, and a common complaint from them has been about how they feel alienated at church like the feel alienated at work. “It’s all well and good to say ‘find somewhere …

When You Aren't Really Agreeing: The Dangers of Universal Language

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Last month, Michael Spencer posted a list of what he, as a religious person, wanted in a church. His readers, from a variety of denominations, all agreed whole-heartedly with his vision. And that’s the problem. Take a look at how using vague Universal Language (as opposed to even Universal Values) can lead to agreement where there probably isn’t any, whether in churches, companies or associations.