Asking for a Raise? Bring Coffee. Or Fire.

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“He’s such a cold bastard! Even the room gets a chill when he walks in!”

We’re weren’t even out of the room and my consulting pal was already berating our client. He had point: it had been chilly in there, and the client — never someone who filled your heart with bonhomie — was in particularly icy form that day.

[Click through to read how Temperature affects our emotions and even intellectual performance]

Small cup of coffee. (c) Julius Schorzman (CC BY-SA 2.0). Via Wikimedia.

Why Starbucks Will Run Our Local Coffee House Out of Business

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[I’ve updated this post with 2013 December information at the bottom] Starbucks has arrived in my town and even though it is inconveniently located, it will thrive and in the end drive the old downtown coffee house out of business. Starbucks, while not necessarily making decent coffee, does do several other things right. When I lived in Chicago and worked …