Tiananmen Square, or China vs. India

ADLER typewriter Model n°7 (Frankfurt / Germany). Unknown model date (probably ~1930/40). By Dake

China is neat and tidy for business, which is why Tiananmen Square is still relevant. India, the world’s biggest democracy, is messy and “problematical” for business. Guess who’s going to win.

Celebrate Freedom with the World's Largest Democracy

With all my thinking about democracy and its underpinnings, it totally slipped my mind that the 60th Republic Day was approaching. It is worth celebrating any democracy’s robust survival. This Republic Day is especially important, following as it does terrorist attacks of last November.

India, like its friend the United States, has many problems. Fortunately, many of the worst problems hav…

Warren Kinston on Democracy

ADLER typewriter Model n°7 (Frankfurt / Germany). Unknown model date (probably ~1930/40). By Dake

You can’t see it until you see it. And once you see it, you can’t not see it!

Last fall, Dr. Warren Kinston wrote a note on Democracy at the request of some of the dissident leaders in Thailand, where he has a home and spends about a quarter of his year. This is a rough draft, but he has allowed me to post it here for our benefit: Democracy and its Difficulties by Warren Kinston…

Elliott Jaques on How the Workplace Influences Democracy’s Development

Attendees at the 1952 Republican National Convention, Chicago, Illinois. 1952 by Thomas J. O'Halloran, U.S. News & World Report Magazine. Donated into the public domain. Via Library of Congress.

One of the things that impressed me about Elliott Jaques when I first read him was his stated desire to build democratic feeling within workers. It may have been the influence of Wilfred Brown at Glacier, as Brown was always interested in democracy and how to build it, leading to his great interest in workplace democracy which predated his work with Dr. Jaques. And Jaques certainly seems to hav…

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